Yassin Swehat
Qasem Albasri
15 October 2021

Is there a political path within Denmark other than pure human rights advocacy and soliciting international pressure? There is despair at the possibility of change in the convictions of the ruling Social Democrat party leadership.

Francesca Scalinci
4 March 2021

Wejdan Nassif, a friend and former cellmate of Samira al-Khalil, the Syrian democracy activist imprisoned by Hafez al-Assad and then abducted by Islamists, recalls their time together inside and outside prison.

Andrew Hirsh
6 March 2020

Millions of Syrian children have lived their entire lives in war. At The Wisdom House, a kindergarten displaced along with its staff and pupils from Idlib to Aleppo, Moumena and her colleagues attempt the colossal task of providing for these children’s educational and emotional needs.