Alex Rowell

Alex is a Beirut-based writer, translator, and managing editor of Al-Jumhuriya English. His first book, 'Vintage Humour: The Islamic Wine Poetry of Abu Nuwas', is due to be published by C. Hurst & Co. in November 2017. He tweets @alexjrowell.

Alex Rowell
12 September 2018

A new biography lays bare the extremist ideology that drives Benjamin Netanyahu, an early champion of the demagoguery that has now brought us his old friend, Donald Trump.

21 August 2018

By releasing the names of thousands of detainees perished in its custody, the Assad regime may believe it can turn the page on the issue of the "disappeared" once and for all. International law, however, demands accountability, a legal expert on impunity tells Al-Jumhuriya in a wide-ranging interview.