Editor's Weekend Picks

Al-Jumhuriya English will now be publishing a weekly press digest every Saturday, bringing readers the most read-worthy English-language essays, features and op-eds from around the web. We've bookmarked your weekend reads so you don't have to.

What Bullets Do to Bodies (The Huffington Post)

The latest addition to Huffington Post's magazine Highline is an in-depth, unnerving description of the trauma surgeons face every day. The longread is composed of accounts from Temple University's Hospital trauma surgeon Amy Goldberg, who spent over 30 years treating gunshot wounds, and paints an ugly reality of gun violence in America.

A Hundred Days of Trump (The New Yorker)

The world has already seen a hundred days of Trump, and this means that almost every U.S. publication in the U.S. will pick apart this period. What makes The New Yorker's take on Trump's "occupation" of the oval office worth a read is that it's both witty and analytical. "There is frustration all around. During his first hundred days in office, Trump has not done away with populist rhetoric, but he has acted almost entirely as a plutocrat."

The Rule of Law Won’t Save Us (Jacobin)

In this piece from Jacobin's latest issue, Jordan von Manalastas explains how the American law and constitution were used and abused to commit atrocities, and Donald Trump is not an exception. "Now Donald Trump is sitting at the reins of this leviathan. And yet the looseness of his tongue — when he attacks the judiciary, say, or when he threatens war crimes or invasions — doesn’t sound like it belongs to a man who spends much time on legal theory. Indeed he doesn’t sound like one who cares at all for legal limitations."

The Race to Build The World’s First Sex Robot (The Guardian)

This week's longread from The Guardian is a mind-boggling explainer on the advancements to create a $15,000 sex robot that talks, learns, and never says no. “There are a lot of people out there, for one reason or another, who have difficulty forming traditional relationships with other people. It’s really all about giving those people some level of companionship – or the illusion of companionship.”

Don't Fall for Israel's Character Assasination—Marwan Barghouti is a Man of Peace (Newsweek)

Palestinian prisoners are on strike, and so are activists around the world. This op-ed from Hanan Ashrawi aims to clarify the misconceptions about Marwan Barghouti's lifetime of dedication the liberation cause. "When 1,500 Palestinian prisoners go on hunger strike to struggle for their rights, the jailer will use every diversionary tactic in the book to ensure that nobody asks the only relevant question: are their demands just and justified?"

The Art of the Short Story (The Paris Review)

On a lighter note, enjoy this delightful read by Ernest Hemingway on the art of the short story from The Paris Review. Hemingway wrote this after his publisher Charles Scribner, Jr.  suggested that he should write a preface to the writer's student's edition of his short stories. "That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explain for, apologize for or pimp or tout for some other writer. I have done it and the best luck I had was doing it for Faulkner."