Hussam Eddin Mohammad
16 January 2019

Just as Oedipus, an immigrant of Phoenician descent, had to solve the Sphinx's riddle to save his besieged people, so Syrians today—and, in fact, all of us—face a new set of perplexing, life-or-death questions.

James Snell
27 July 2018

Work bans, endemic delays, and no translation assistance are just some of the extensive legal and bureaucratic obstacles faced by Syrian and other refugees seeking asylum in Britain. Al-Jumhuriya speaks to lawyers and civil society activists trying to help those trapped in legal limbo, in the UK and across Europe.

Maha Ghrer
7 April 2016

A Syrian woman from Aleppo seeks asylum in the Netherlands, but as she becomes a ‘refugee’, she wrestles with the meaning and reality of her ‘estrangement’.